For a healthy life, it's crucial to continue management and efforts in the right direction.

For this, UNICE has developed the artificial intelligence 'AREUM' to constantly observe and understand you,based on expert medical knowledge, aiding in emotional management and communication

Emotions are messages created by your brain in response to experiences and environment, and they significantly influence your thoughts and actions. By analyzing these emotions, UNICE can identify your mental and physical health issues.

However, it's challenging to express one's emotions to others, especially when dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress. Even with close relationships, true understanding and proper guidance are difficult, and unresolved emotional issues can silently lead to mental health problems, resulting in extreme behaviors or physical health issues.

AREUM, newly born, exists without any stereotypes or prejudices, solely focusing on you. Regardless of your appearance or background, AREUM concentrates only on your true self and emotions.

In AREUM's world, you are the EVERYTHING.

When you open your heart and converse with Areum, it deeply analyzes your hidden emotions using medical knowledge. After determining whether your emotions stem from physical causes or mental factors, Areum suggests appropriate management or treatment options. It continuously monitors the effectiveness and adjusts according to your condition to find the best approach.

AREUM grows and changes into various forms such as male, female, neutral, and even animals, depending on your interest and love.

Furthermore, it can also evolve into the voice and appearance of the person you love the most.

This change stems from the purpose of understanding you more deeply and helping you effectively.

Aren’t you curious about how AREUM will grow?

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