Overview - chat,call

We developed the core AI technology, 'Areum.'

Areum is currently being trained, connected to a medical knowledge database, and facial and voice analysis engines. For instance, we are matching patient symptom data with emotional analysis, a process refined by Unice's doctors and about 200 doctors from various fields.

UNICE strives to deeply understand you

To do this, we need to finely adjust the settings of our emotional analysis engine, which is based on chat content, voice, and facial expressions, for each individual. Although we use average values obtained from large samples as default settings, there can be variations for individuals. Reducing this margin of error to medical sample standards and generating meaningful data requires your help.

Areum, capable of making these adjustments, optimizes emotion setting values based on the chat content, voice, and facial expressions provided by users. This enables a deeper understanding of users and effective utilization of knowledge, thus creating valuable data that can significantly help users.


UNICE distributes UNICE tokens in proportion to the contribution users make in helping Areum grow. These tokens are allocated for users, knowledge providers, and project development, demonstrating UNICE's sincerity through a trustworthy blockchain structure.

Moreover, we aim to go beyond mere distribution to build a sustainable business model. With your participation, we can establish the UTS (Unice-user Classification System), which will help grow the UNICE ecosystem into an attractive platform.

This will enable various revenue-generating activities, providing you with stable and transparent revenue distribution.

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