UNICE platform establishes a token economy system centered on data, creating and distributing real economic value through the entire process from data collection, classification, sale, reward, to usage. This system maximizes the value of medical data and ensures fair compensation among participants, thereby promoting the sharing of health information and contributing to the development of medical services worldwide. The main features and processes of this system are summarized as follows:

1. Data Collection, Classification, and Sale

  • Collection: Users provide medical data, including their health status and medical history, to the UNICE platform. This forms the foundation of the platform's initial data collection process.

  • Classification: The provided data is analyzed and classified by medical professionals and UNICE AI. In this process, medical professionals utilize their expertise, and UNICE AI progressively participates in data classification by learning from this knowledge.

  • Sale: Classified data is converted into NFTs, making it purchasable by hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutes. This data can be used for patient acquisition, medical research, disease diagnosis, and treatment method development, with all processes conducted under explicit user consent.

2. Transparent Rewards and Profit Distribution

  • Rewards: Data providers and medical professionals involved in classification are compensated with tokens. This encourages participation and activates the token economy.

  • Profit Distribution: Profits from data sales are transparently recorded through blockchain technology, ensuring fair distribution among participants. This increases the platform's reliability and participant satisfaction.

3. Data Utilization and Service Usage

  • Data Utilization: Purchasers can use the acquired data for various purposes, contributing to advancements in the medical field.

  • Service Usage: Users can utilize the tokens received as rewards within the UNICE platform for various services, including consultations with medical professionals, paid health analysis tools, and access to educational materials.

The token economy system of the UNICE platform builds a practical and sustainable economic system by enabling value creation through user participation, fair distribution of rewards, and maximized utilization of medical data. Through this, UNICE plays a crucial role in enhancing the accessibility and equity of medical services worldwide.

Token Distribution

The UNICE token is anchored by a 10-year distribution strategy, ensuring long-term project engagement and stable token value. Any further minting is rendered impossible, and tokens allocated to the initial team and advisors are locked for the vesting period. These mechanisms have been implemented in an immutable smart contract, making any alterations impossible. The UNICE platform aims to maximize token value by offering diverse utilities and service benefits, thereby achieving a balance between demand and supply.


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