Goal / Ecosystem


UNICE's ultimate goal is to create the UNICE-USER CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM (UCS). UCS represents an integrated, personalized, emotion-based medical classification, management, and tracking system.

Simply put, it classifies the level of care or treatment a user needs for their health.

"Emotions are messages created by your brain in response to experiences and environments, significantly influencing your thoughts and actions. By analyzing these emotions, UNICE can identify your mental and physical health issues."

Based on this medical knowledge and technology, UNICE's AI, Areum, can deepen its understanding of users, enabling UNICE to create verified data through UCS.

UCS : Unice-user Classification System

UNICE plans to utilize the UCS to categorize users and identify the best ways to provide optimal assistance. Additionally, by collaborating with various organizations that offer more specialized services than UNICE, the data in UCS will be enhanced and refined.

The structure of UNICE as a platform provides various companies and projects with the motivation and means to participate in the UNICE ecosystem. As a result, participating companies and projects will be able to reap a range of benefits and tangible profits. I believe this approach is not about temporarily engaging companies or projects by having them pay direct costs, but rather about finding a way for mutual and continuous growth together

Companies eligible to participate in the ecosystem

  • Hospitals

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Medical device companies

  • Beauty product companies

  • Psychology-related companies

  • Insurance companies

  • And More companies are possible

This approach will offer tangible revenue opportunities to users through the expansion of the diverse UNICE ecosystem, enabling the continuous growth and stable operation of a sustainable business model for the UNICE project.

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