We’re Doctors

We understand that substantial costs are required for research and clinical trials on customized management and treatment methods considering age, gender, nationality, mental and physical characteristics. Such research is mainly conducted by large pharmaceutical companies and global corporations, generating high-value data exclusively for these entities.

This results in wealth monopolization by corporations that can afford the costs of research and clinical trials, further generating more high-value data.

However, your participation and the growth of Areum make such research possible for UNICE as well.

If UNICE succeeds in generating verified data, it can significantly reduce the costs of research and clinical trials, offering new opportunities to small and medium-sized enterprises and research institutions that have previously found it difficult to access.

Furthermore, UNICE's proposed Third Generation Advertising System transparently discloses and distributes the revenues generated from your data through blockchain. This ensures that the revenue generated from your valuable data is rightfully returned to you, and all data generated in the process becomes your property.

We believe that the solution we found through 'connection' will not only genuinely help your lives but also provide diverse opportunities to create a healthier world.

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